Week 32 of 52

El Paso, TX Photographer

Picture a Day Year of MorningsAugust 3 to August 9. Week 32 of 52.

I promise you, I have loyally taken my daily pictures. A few missed days, but I went into this knowing perfection would be futile. I have failed miserably, though, in keeping up with my weekly recap here on my blog. And the days clicked by and the silence grew longer and it seemed harder to start again. But start we shall. Right here. This week. This 32nd week of the year. (I had to google that bit of info. I had no idea. I only knew week 18 was the last one I posted. Egads!)

And here is the rundown:

My Rey: I married a good man. He makes me laugh. He is quick to smile and slow to anger. He works out with me. He even drank a vegan chocolate shake with me this particular day. And he is about as far away from vegan as one person can get. But he loves me and drinks stuff because I made it. I’ll keep him.

Second Grade!: School started in Georgia this Tuesday and she was up at 5 am. Prowling the house. I finally let her outside at 7:30 for pictures. Then she waited for 30 minutes at the bus stop because she was so excited.

Goin’ It Alone: Her second day of second grade. She walked to the bus stop alone. Per her declaration of competence and independence. I didn’t have an ounce of her bravery at age 7!

Footwear: First day of PE requires mismatched sneakers. I required shoes for my workout. And the wee one? She was celebrating her leisurely lifestyle. Kickin’ it with Minnie Mouse flip flops.

House Calls: The doctor was in before 8 am to mend an imagined hurt from an imagined fall. Tools of the trade? Batting, a princess sock and doll clothing. MacGyver, step aside.

Weepy and Whiny: If she has gaga in hand, the thumb goes in the mouth. If the thumb is in the mouth, the whiny words and whimpering sounds can’t come out. This is how we made it through that particular morning.

Self Portrait: I turned 38 this week. This is me at 38 + 1 day. New bold red hair. Self portrait with my new 40mm pancake lens. Fresh after a workout trying to sculpt a strong new physique. It’s going to be a great year. See? I am all smiles!

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