Week 26 | 365 Days without Dad

We are creeping ever so slowly to the halfway point of the deployment! But first, Week 26 and all its glory. Glorious new boots that caused blisters. Fun time in the sprinkler until someone was hit in the eye with water. A reminder that life is not completely perfect while Daddy is away. And plenty of smiles and laughters to fill in the cracks.

Week 26, September 09 through 15, 2016.

09.09.16 | Fashion Rules?
Adeline outgrew the pink boots. Her father cautioned me to help her select something “more normal.” (As though he thinks I have any sway over that child’s clothing choices.) So what does she set her heart upon at the Tony Lama outlet store? White boots a half size too large. Perfect.

cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, Justin boots

09.10.16 | Freshly Blown
I was awoken around 5:30 (on a Saturday!) by the howling wind. Later, after the sun rose, I saw clear blue skies, seemingly blown fresh by the 20 mph winds. And then my wild ones went outside to run about in the wildness. Eyes sparkling, hair a mess, clothes swirling…and full of the vibrant, bubbling joy of life.

windy day, windblown hair

09.11.16 | Sunday Fight Night
It’s all fun and games until Adeline feels she isn’t winning…

backyard rumpus, play fighting, sisters

09.12.16 | A Sprinkle of Fun
Monday afternoon, mid September. Perfect time to don swimsuits and pull out the summer water toys

sprinkler games, water games, backyard play, sisters

09.13.16 | The Dream of the Normal
I didn’t take a picture on the 13th. The girls were at school all day, then they went home with friends for a quick playdate, then there was gymnastics, and home for dinner, homework, baths and bed. That is all quite normal. But when I went back a year, just to see what we were up to, I was hit in the gut with the True Normal. The one where Dada is home to give baths. Where there is one more chair occupied at the dinner table. Where there is an adult to talk to after the squeaky clean kids are tucked in at night. “Normal” is so elusive.

bath time with Dad, Army soldier and father

09.14.16 | Expanding the Resume
On alternate Wednesdays, the elementary school PTA hosts the Wolf Den during lunch, where kids can buy various trinkets for a few dollars. Adeline had her eye on the yo-yos, but Sydney thought they were $5 a piece, a bit more than Adeline’s total $3.40. However, at the end of the day, she proudly held aloft her Ziploc baggie with THREE yo-yos. Apparently, they were only $1 each and she had three dollars, so…

yo-yos, sisters

09.15.16 | Picture Day!
Adeline demanded to be photographed first, all crisp and pretty in her dress. She had some unique ideas about how to pose, which I was able to override for a frame or two. Sydney sauntered over when I was done with Adeline saying, “This will be a breeze. I am a pro!” with a flip of her hair. Can’t wait to see what the good folks with LifeTouch captured.

picture day, better than Lifetouch

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