Week 25 | 365 Days without Dad

A normal week. Go to school, come home, do some homework. Go to gymnastics. Have a day off, meet up with good friends. Eat candy.

Week 25, September 02 through 08, 2016.

09.02.16 | 168 M&Ms
One might be surprised to learn that there are more than 168 blue M&Ms in a jar of 730. I know this because Adeline will only eat the blue ones. (Considering there are 6 different colors of M&Ms, an equal distribution would be about 122 of each color. Thank goodness we do not have an equal distribution of colors.)

M&Ms, deployment candy, ways to countdown a deployment

09.03.16 | Late Summer Buffet
I spied the small rock squirrel perched on top of the pomegranate, just munching away on his new buffet. When I came outside with my camera, he turned away and held still, mistakenly operating under the theory that if I couldn’t see moevment, I couldn’t see him. He held still until I turned my back, then he bolted down the branches, over the rock wall and to the safety of his home. But he will be back. There are good eats in our yard.

squirrel and pomegranate

09.04.16 | Texas Day Trip
A day trip in Texas involves driving nearly three hours one way. Crossing into another time zone. Watching the scenery change from desert browns to hill country greens. Seeing no water then spending four hours bobbing about in a natural spring fed pool. Texas is pretty amazing.

Balmorhea State Park, natural springs in Texas, Texas

09.05.16 | Balloon Face
Adeline’s friend came over to play in the morning. They dressed as princesses, they played outside a bit and they drew faces on balloons. After Gaby was picked up, her mom texted saying they had forgotten Gaby’s balloon. So later in the day we took a walk, three girls and a balloon, to return it.

balloon face

09.06.16 | Magical Liquid from the Heavens
It rained today. Rain. For more than an hour. The novelty was not lost on Adeline. Or my rose bushes…

singing in the rain, clear umbrella, child umbrella

09.07.16 | Homework Time
After school on Tuesday, every reply out of Sydney’s mouth was sarcastic and abrupt. Finally I asked what her problem was and she whimpered that 5th grade was SO hard and there was SO much work. After calming her down, I asked her to list each item of homework along with an estimate for how much time it would take to complete. After concluding she had 25 minutes of homework, she saw it with some perspective. And on Wednesday, with just as much work, she managed to do it all AND find time to draw seven Pokemon characters for a classmate. I guess 5th grade is doable.

iMac, homework, after school

09.08.16 | Egg-cellent
What happens when you submerge an egg in vinegar for 24 hours? Well, you have many impatient musings about how many hours have passed. You have frequent trips to stare at the egg. Then you have the triumphant moment when you remove the egg and find it has become rubbery, squishy, and holdable. It even bounces a bit. Until you release it from too high a height and it splats on the table and 24 hours of frustrated crying ensues.

kids science experiment, egg in vinegar, squishy egg

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