Week 24 | 365 Days without Dad

As it is bound to happen, the first sick day on a school day made its appearance this week. Thankfully it was a short lived sniffle that needed more love than medicine. And did not interfere with the amazing classmate’s birthday part, complete with a Star Wars theme much loved by both girls.

Week 24, August 26 through September 01, 2016.

08.26.16 | Escape Artist Turned Hostage
Stormy loves to slip out the door when we go outside. So far, he is easily overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells and does a very ineffective job of running away from his jailers.

girl and her cat

08.27.16 | Swim Team Buddies
Sydney’s first foray into athletics ended with a pool party. This step out of her comfort zone held all the wonderful things I hoped it would for her: learning a new sport, making new friendships, becoming discouraged and pressing on anyway, being part of a team and cheering on other’s successes. She loved every last minute of it.

YMCA swim team, swimmers, girl friends

08.28.16 | The Four Hour Party
The girls attended a birthday party for one of Adeline’s classmates. The invitation stated the party would be four hours. I had no idea how a child’s party could last so long, but I soon learned. First there was jumping in a bouncy castle. Then there was a rolling video truck, with four different monitors on one side, a long bench on the other and 16 controllers for all the kids to play Mario Cart, Halo, Minecaft or any number of other options. And finally, there was Darth Vader and his compatriots who engaged the kids in games and role playing. Oh! And I was sipping margaritas, eating freshly grilled tacos from a caterer and meeting several other moms with kids in the same class. And that is what a four hour party looks like.

Star Wars birthday party

08.29.16 | First Sick Day
Saturday bore complaints of a minor sore throat. Sunday added a stuffy nose. Monday saw her doing this for the bulk of the day. Tomorrow, she will return to school.

lounging in bed, watching tv

08.30.16 | Chillin’
After dragging both patio chairs to the middle of the lawn, Adeline climbed up and simply observed the backyard.

backyard play, imagination

08.31.16 | The Readers
Part of Adeline’s nightly homework routine is to read a book. Thank goodness Sydney loves to read and is happy to fill in as the reader. (And don’t let her tell you otherwise…she cannot wait to find out what happens in the story either.)

sisters reading a book, story time, readers

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