Week 23 | 365 Days without Dad

The rhythm of life with school aged children took hold this week. We started easy with a Meet the Teacher night, then went full bore on Monday. And it was terrific, for all three of us. The girls love their teachers. I love their teachers. The girls love their friends. I love the silence. It is one of the finest times of the year.

Week 23, August 19 through 25, 2016.

08.19.16 | Meet the Teachers
We had our school warm up this afternoon. Otherwise known as Meet the Teacher, Locate your Classroom, Dump off Bags and Bags of Glue Sticks and Provide Hope that Monday is Coming Soon.

meet the teacher, back to school

08.20.16 | I Love You
There is no shortness of love for Stormy in this house. It is sometimes gently, other times forcefully, bestowed upon him throughout the day. All day, every day. He is ready for Back to School, too.

a girl and her cat

08.21.16 | Backyard Olympians
At 8 am, the girls were dressed and ready to host their own Olympic Games. Sydney asked for a listing of all included sports. After scrolling through it, she acknowledged they might not be able to do everything. (Equestrian? Probably not. Among several others…) But they were AMAZING volleyball stars. If the objective was to only have one hit rallies.

volleyball, backyard games, outdoor play

08.22.16 | 1st and 5th
The first day of School Year 2016-2017. Both still sport their own unique, colorful style. Both seem pretty confident about returning to the same school, instead of navigating new hallways. Ready for a great year!

First Day of School outfits, back to school

08.23.16 | Day Two, Twins
I don’t know if I should be worried that Adeline is taking fashion cues from Sydney, but today they went to school as twins. Pink t-shirts, jean shorts, odd socks and sneakers. And tons of personality.

sisters, piggyback ride, silly socks

08.24.16 | Post Dinner Workout
Went to a friend’s house immedaitely after school. Picked up from friend’s house and taken to a volunteer meeting at school. Taken home for dinner. (Toast and chocolate milk because we are all about nutrition.) Then released to wheel around the front yard in the delicious late August evening.

Razor scooter fun, outdoor play

08.25.16 | Stalking the Hummingbirds
With the girls at school, I can do whatever I want. When I want. So I choose to sit in the backyard with my camera, trying to catch the elusive hummingbirds at the feeder.

hummingbird, hummingbird feeder


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