Week 22 | 365 Days without Dad

The last week before back to school. The last week to savor the slow pace of summer. The last week to loosen the rules a hair. The last week to play outside at sunset. And the week we hit the five month mark since Dad deployed.

Week 22, August 12 through 18, 2016.

08.12.16 | Waiting
When a planner, air travel is an undertaking. Making innumerable mental calculations, trying to ensure enough time to drive to the airport, check bags, make it through security and find the gate without losing my mind or my children. Typically, this results in some extra waiting time before baording.

waiting at the airport, airport arrival gate

08.13.16 | Contented
Poor Stormy had to endure ten days in the house alone. He had the neighbor to look forward to twice a day, but it isn’t the same as all day affection from two smitten girls. They all seem happy to be reunited.

a girl and her cat

08.14.16 | Running and Reading
In order to best enjoy the final minutes of sunset sunshine, Adeline had to do sprints and cartwheels around the driveway while Sydney sat and read. So, bascially, they moved their inside activities to the outside.

outdoor play, playtime in the evening

08.15.16 | Ticket Lady
A ticket to “The Storm-azing Cat Show” cost three plastic coins. Not only did this fine Ticket Lady give me a ticket, she also gave me change. And a salute. And a scowl. And a smile. All of that was totally worth three plastic coins.

dress up, costume, cash register

08.16.16 | Investigative Curiosity Cat
The girls revamped the playroom (a quarterly activity) and created a more distinct reading corner, using the tall utility shelf that has become their bookshelf as a partition. Naturally, Stormy had to verify the changes and immediately show all the ways in which this new position holds potential for disaster.

tall cat

08.17.16 | Summer Evenings
With only a few days before the new school year starts, we are taking advantage of the cooler weather and delightful evenings. We should be trying to adhere closely to the school night routine, to get everyone on track, but when I impose such an early bedtime, stretching it to 8:15 isn’t really going to hurt them.

desert flowers, front porch living

08.18.16 | Five Months Down
On the 18th of each month, the girls get a small gift to mark the passage of another month towards the end of the deployment. This month, they received a Hallmark recordable book with the story read by their Dada. It was listened to multiple times and carried around the house as a new prized possession. (And this is the 150th picture…I missed a couple days, so we are actually past 150 days apart and ever closer to the half way mark!)

story time, Hallmark recordable books

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