Week 20 | 365 Days without Dad

We finished all camps and lessons and scheduled activities this week and jetted off to Florida to bake in the sunshine with my Mom. To me, this is the week summer vacation started. True vacation. Where you leave your own house and go somewhere new. Shake up the routine, have no schedule and relax. And it was so very refreshing, for all of us.

Week 20, July 29 through August 04, 2016.

07.29.16 | The Final Practice
One of the coaches offered to hold an extra practice before the big Championship Swim Meet on Saturday. Sydney didn’t hesitate. She wanted to be there to get any extra swim time and pointers that might help her do her best. I have been so proud of how she handled her first experience on a sports team. Yes, she cried. Once. Yes, she wanted to quit. Once. But she ended practice with smiles more than once. She couldn’t wait to go back more than once. And she declared that if school PE was held in a pool, she would finally get a 100% in that subject.

girl swimmer, YMCA swim team

07.30.16 | The Championship Meet
Sydney competed in the Girls 9&10 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle relay (each relay member swam one 25m length). Her arms felt like jelly. Her nails were a bit more chewed down. But her smile was broad and her sense of accomplishment was high. And I imagine this is a sport she will want to continue.

YMCA swimming, swim meet, youth swim program

07.31.16 | Second Generation Friends
Their dad and I were high school friends who have miraculously maintained a friendship across many miles, moves and years. On the rare and special occasion when our paths cross (or come within a 2.5 hour drive of one another), we try to get together. And now, we chat while the kids fall into immediate friendships and play together.

a group of children, second generation friends

08.02.16 | Sunset and Sea
After an early start in El Paso, complete with a desert sunrise, we made it all day and finished it out with an ocean sunset.

grandma with grandchildren, Fernandina Beach sunset

08.03.16 | Rainy Day Dance Party
A screened in porch is marvelous for keeping bugs out. It does nothing by way of keeping one dry during an afternoon rain storm. Good thing these tiny dancers think that is just fantastic.

dancing in the rain

08.04.16 | Wave Jumper
Fueled up on a lazy morning and a good breakfast, the girls were ready for the day’s beach trip. Adeline, while not a swimmer, is a fantastic wave jumper.

girl jumping waves, beach photography, summer beach trip

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