Week 19 | 365 Days without Dad

After playing tourist along with Rey, we said goodbye and then hibernated for a day of recovery. And picked right back up on summer camps and summer traditions and summer fun.

Week 19, July 22 through 28, 2016.

07.22.16 | Riding the Tramway
Trying to squeeze in the final few sight seeing adventures before Rey’s leave is up, we went up the Wyler Aerial Tramway to see El Paso, Juarez and New Mexico from way on high.

Wyler Aerial Tramway, exploring El Paso, things to do El Paso

07.23.16 | Finger Lickin’ Good
We could not send Rey back to NY without a hearty helping of Rudy’s BBQ! Not a scrap of his half pound of brisket was wasted.


07.24.16 | Resting
Rey’s visit was incredible and wonderful and fun. Getting up at 3:45 am to get him to the airport on time and then having to say goodbye were the low points. So the rest of the day was spent much like this: laying around, napping, watching tv and basically recovering from a fabulous 10 days.

big cat, cat condo

07.25.16 | Summer Snacking
I offered Adeline some cut up watermelon. But that would not do. Oh no, that would not do at all. It had to be a half wedge of watermelon. Eaten such that the juice runs down your chin and your forearms. And makes a delightful mess.

watermelon, tastes of summer

07.26.16 | Filling the Time
Four day a week swim practice for one means four day a week sitting on the side of the pool sweating for the other. And sometimes that sitting seems interminable. With the help of another little girl whose sisters are on the team, we caught this shot of Adeline pretending to land swim. And that ate up one minute…

poolside entertainment

07.27.16 | Art Camp Creations
The girls are fully enjoying their final camp of the summer, one full of drawing, painting, and creating. The theme is African Safari, which you can pick out from Sydney’s Cheetah mask. Adeline’s abstract with a smile is a bit more obtuse. But all her.

Young Rembrandts art classes, art camp, paper masks

07.28.16 | Post Camp Decompression
After a day of drawing and gluing and being artistic, a bit of screen time to clear the mind is in order.

kids using electronics, Kindle Fire FreeTime

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