Week 18 | 365 Days without Dad

A whole week devoted to having fun as a family. A week of showing Rey around El Paso, despite the 100+ degree temperatures every single day. A week of making memories and sharing laughter with his sisters, who truly think the sun rises and sets upon him.

Week 18, July 15 through 21, 2016.

07.15.16 | Surprise Water Fight!
Audrey had one last surprise in her gift box for the girls: water balloons with which to attack Rey. Sydney and Adeline lay in wait while I escorted Rey out “for him to see a surprise the girls had for him.” The first salvo went uncontested, then the war was on!

backyard play, water ballon fight

07.16.16 | Body Language
It is the strangest thing to me. I see Sydney like this, nibbling her nails during Swim Meet #2, and I think she is having an awful time. But then, after an event, she beams and says how much fun she is having. I hate being nervous. Nervous and good time do not go together. But for Sydney, I guess they are not mutually exclusive.

swim team, athletics, nervousness

07.17.16 | Section 106, Row M
We haven’t been to an El Paso Chihuahuas baseball game since our first weekend in town two years ago, so I thought it would be fun to take Rey during his visit. I didn’t count on 104 degree heat or my inability to predict which side of the stadium would be shaded earliest. (In case you are wondering, always buy tickets along the 3rd base line for an evening game…)

El Paso Chihuahua baseball game, minor league baseball

07.18.16 | Parade of Kids
After sitting around the house most of the day, allowing Rey to nurse his cold, we mustered some energy for a walk around the neighborhood. Well, some of us were walking. One was not. Obviously.

family walk around neighborhood

07.19.16 | Feeding the Giraffe
Rey said he was good to just watch the girls feed the giraffe. But we got six pieces of lettuce. So everyone had a go. And the giraffe was ready for every single piece.

El Paso Zoo, feeding giraffes

07.20.16 | White Sands Sledding
Even though it was still plenty hot and incredibly bright out at White Sands, we drove up and introduced Rey to sand sledding. The girls introduced him to “push us down the hill and carry us back up!”

White Sands National Monument, speeding at White Sands, New Mexico

07.21.16 | Future Gambler
Adeline was there for the tickets. All the tickets. She deposited at least 15 of her tokens into this one game, gleefully watching the string get longer and longer. And when I told her we were almost out of tokens, a quick command to “go get more” was issued.

Chuck E Cheese ticket winner

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