Week 17 | 365 Days without Dad

Summertime pace, both crazy and slow, harried and relaxed. The girls (and I) got a bit of a breather this week…no scheduled activities which left plenty of time for playing and laying about and dreaming and laughing. And time to clean the house in anticipation of our very own VIP.

Week 17, July 08 through 14, 2016.

07.08.16 | 7:02 AM

Second week of July and summer fatigue is strong in these parts. Back in April and May when I was finding every camp I could, thinking it would save MY sanity, I failed to factor in that I am a home body who doesn’t enjoy a packed schedule and that weary children are often grumpy. Thankfully we have a break from the rigorous pace…as soon as today is over.

sisters sleeping, black and white photograph of childhood

07.09.16 | And This is Saturday

After adding more gas and oil to the mower, which has refused to work for the past two weeks, I exhausted my lawn mower repair know-how. And I really wished Rey were here. But it was time to drag the mower to a repair shop and let them figure it out. Then borrow a working mower from my neighbor in the interim.
Husqvarna lawn mower

07.10.16 | Backyard Rocketship

It is amazing what two girls can create out of two lawn chairs and an unwillingness to go inside for bath time. So they flew their “rocketship” to a fantastical planet with rainbow unicorns and other flecks of magic…and no bathing.

imagination play, backyard games

07.11.16 | Snow Fairy and Her Cat

Adeline believes she has ice powers. She snatches the power from anything blue and will only eat the blue M&Ms from the deployment countdown candy. After 100+ degrees today and climbing to 107 during this week, I seriously wish her powers were real. But in the meantime, she is the loveliest Snow Fairy in our castle.

Elsa costume, dressed

07.12.16 | New Favorite Person

Rey’s girlfriend sent the girls a box chock full of awesome surprises. In between oohs and aahs, they both decided she was their new best friend. I asked them to pick a few favoties for a picture…naturally, Adeline grabbed the candy and Sydney put on a swim cap from Audrey’s old team. And they both modeled their very first Vera Bradley purses.

07.13.16 | Smallest to Biggest

There was much counting of days, then hours, then minutes, in anticipation of their brother Rey’s arrival in El Paso. And the moment he was off the escalator, the girls were in his arms. And pretty much wouldn’t leave his side for the rest of the day. I tried to explain that he would be here in the morning, but I don’t know if they believed me.

photograph at the airport, welcoming a family member home

07.14.16 | Spinning

Such a good big brother! You want me to put you on my shoulders? Sure! You want me to swing you around, Adeline? Sure! You guys want to do ring around the rosie? Just give me a minute for the dizziness to pass….okay, let’s do it!

spinning in the backyard, outdoor play

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