Week 16 | 365 Days without Dad

We entered July. Rey left in March and here we are in July. There is still so many days to go, but we are inching closer. In this sixteenth week apart, we ate junk food, we watched/participated in our first competitive swim meet, we celebrate the Nation’s Independence and we had the normal highs and lows that seem to mark real life.

Week 16, July 01 through 07, 2016.

07.01.16 | Hot Now
As a last day of camp treat, we stopped for doughnuts at the Krispy Kreme right on the campus’ corner. And as luck (or fate) would have it, they had fresh ones ready to be devoured in three bites.

07-01-16 FB

07.02.16 | First Swim Meet
Sydney proclaimed she was nervi-cited (nervous and excited) about her first swim meet. I think the apprehension of an unknown process and an unknown outcome contributed. But even with nearly constant nail biting, she finished the meet with happiness and an excitement to do it again.

07-02-16 FB

07.03.16 | Morning Chat with Dada
Through the miracle of technology, Rey and the girls video chatted across the thousands of miles that separate them. Yes, the dropped connections and delayed sound can be annoying, but those are infinitely better than the 10 minute phone calls once a week allocated during his first deployment.

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07.04.16 | Apple Pie and…
Nothing says America like apple pie at sunset while wearing red, white and blue (and believe me, it was no small thing to get Adeline in a red shirt) and watching two birds “stacked on top of each other.” Yee-haw!

07-04-16 FB

07.05.16 | Allies
I know it is not the greatest fun for the other sister as we sit and watch gymnastics for Adeline and swimming for Sydney. But it does warm my heart when Adeline bounds out of her chair to give Sydney a high five before she walks around to the far side of the pool to do another lap.

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07.06.16 | Light and Dark
It was not a good start to the day. I can point to having to wash poop out of the cat’s tail or having to argue with Adeline about wearing a sweater on a day that would top 100 degrees. But really, I was just grumpy. And the feeling remained through the drive to camp. Through the walk across campus. And through drop off when I didn’t even say goodbye to the girls. I regretted that one about 100 paces away from their classroom door. But three hours later, they were happy to see me and I was happy to see them. And the light took the place of the dark.

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07.07.16 | Military Kid Milestone
Sydney is now the proud bearer of her first government issued identification card. She can now escort herself through airport security. And access all the magical offerings of commissaries the world over.

07-07-16 FB

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