Week 15 | 365 Days without Dad

The house was once again completely mine during this 15th week. (Can you see a trend in my need for having the house to myself? To having my solitude? It is a bit troubling. But so deeply necessary to me!) Anyway, we said goodbye to my mom and the girls started their first summer camp. I confess, I signed them up for a few camps throughout the summer for my own sanity. Having to keep them engaged all day, every day just isn’t my strong suit. So I turned to the fine people at UTEP and a gymnastics center to provide fun for the girls. And it was a roaring success. For all three of us.

Week 15, June 24 through June 30, 2016.

06.24.16 | So Much Laughter
I say it every time my mom visits, but she can love my girls like no other. Their shared happiness with one another just spills out in the form of laughter, quick and uninhibited. I think all of their cups are full tonight.

06-24-16 FB

06.25.16 | Sent to Bed Early
Adeline loves gymnastics. And she believes the entire house is her gym. Despite my scolding. In the morning, she did a headstand on the sofa and knocked a framed picture off the wall. In the evening, she did a roll on the sofa and overturned her dinner plate. (We were doing dinner and a movie…we normally eat at a table. And now I know why.) So she was sent to bed early and was less than happy about it.

06-25-16 FB

06.26.16 | Growing Up
When I came into the living room this morning, Sydney was stretched out on the sofa, earbuds in place, listening to her newly purchased music for her new iPod. The tween years are coming.

06-26-16 FB

06.27.16 | First Day of Camps
In the spirit of “Making Things Difficult on Myself,” the girls are attending separate camps this week. Totally different experiences: Adeline at a gymnastics camp and Sydney at a university sponsored forensic science camp. Which only provides more for them to catch up on when reunited at the end of the day.

06-27-16 FB

06.28.16 | Hanging in the Car
I reviewed the plan innumerable times. Pick Adeline up at 3 pm. Pick Sydney up at 4 pm. Hustle back to the gym for Adeline’s 4:30 pm gymnastics class. Grab dinner at 5:45 pm. Head to the YMCA at 6:30 pm for swim practice. Load the car with 7 bags, complete with snacks, swim gear and entertainment. Then get to the Y early and hang out in the parking lot singing along to songs in the backseat.

06-28-16 FB

06.29.16 | Hitting the Wall
After practice on Monday, Sydney was in tears. She wanted to quit. I knew the day would come. It comes to all of us when we try something new. I had even told her, on her very first day of practice when she loved everything about it, that this day would come. For her, it rolled in on the heels of flip turns. Something she had NEVER done before in her life. She couldn’t figure it out and it crushed her. Thankfully, her coach was willing to meet before practice on Wednesday and help her through the process. And there were no tears.

06-29-16 FB

06.30.16 | Waiting
Contemplating herself in the locker room mirror while Sydney changes from her swimsuit to street clothes. Beloved blanket tucked under her arm. One part teen, nine parts little girl.

06-30-16 FB

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  • These pictures are so beautiful, Julie. Your life is beautiful. On the good days. The bad days. The busy days. The sad days. It is always beautiful. Every time I see your stunning images, it makes me want to take pictures of our life too. My teenager who is 9 parts teenager, 1 part adult, abhors the camera now, so I sneak a phone shot when I can.

    Sending love on this patriotic day. I prayed for your Rey today.ReplyCancel

    • I remember the teen years, Becky, and I know my access to the girls will end at some point. So I am taking full advantage now!ReplyCancel

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