Week 14 | 365 Days without Dad

I am not a great traveler. I really like to be in my own space. With my own routine. The week in California was such a good one, though. My girls had tons of fun with cousins and grandparents. But when it was time to go, I was ready. Two days driving home, then a few days to hang out at home, unpacking, washing clothes, and playing in the yard. Back to my happy little retreat.

Week 14, June 17 through June 23, 2016.

06.17.16 | Cousin Beauties
My sister offered up some makeup that she could no longer use in her Arbonne events, so all the adult ladies picked out a few items to take home. The little ladies enjoyed the spoils too…especially that fantastic blue eyeshadow on dark haired Adeline. (She went into the bathroom to apply more lip gloss and her cousin said, “Whoa! I think that is more than enough, Adeline!” To which she laughingly replied, “There can never be enough!”)


06.18.16 | Saying Goodbye
After five days it was time to hit the road and head back to Texas. These four cousins have been fortunate to visit one another a couple times since we were both stationed on the western side of the US. Hoping the closeness remains, despite the miles that invariably separate them.


06.19.16 | Almost Home
Last day waking up in a strange place. Last leg of the journey home and I know will be happy to sleep in my own bed and awaken in my own home!

Drury Inn Hotels

06.20.16 | Creative Coloring
The kit of fantastic eyeshadow shades given to the girls by their aunt is multi-purpose. Not only can it enhance your facial beauty, but when applied in thick swaths along the hair, it can make you look like a unicorn.

sisters doing hair together

06.21.16 | Heat Busters
On a whim, I bought a package of 120 water balloons. This morning, at 9 am, we suited up and destroyed every last one of them in under fifteen minutes. With all proper protective equipment donned, of course.

water balloon fight

06.22.16 | So, So Hot
When my mom visited over Christmas, we couldn’t go to White Sands due to snow and high winds. While here now, we are having a heat wave with temperatures above 100 degrees. But I figured as long as we had enough water and paced ourselves, we would be fine. I was a bit wrong. So we took a few runs, drank lots of water and went for lunch in the neighboring town

sledding at White Sands

06.23.16 | Treading Water
Swim practice involved a lot of treading water. Sydney hung in there, though she strained her neck muscles trying to keep her head above water.

YMCA swim practice, swimming pool

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  • Water balloons at 9 AM? And you think you aren’t a great mom! You are crazy!ReplyCancel

    • When it gets over 100 degrees, you have to do EVERYTHING by 9 am…even hate balloons! Otherwise, you will spontaneously combust in the heat.ReplyCancel

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