First Day of Second Grade

El Paso, TX Child Photographer

We arrived to Georgia and I knew I needed to register my 7 year old for Second Grade. What I didn’t know was that school started at the beginning of August on Fort Benning. That amounted to an entire month less of summer break.

And I was perfectly fine with the thinking of the superior minds of Georgia Education.

We did her back to school supply shopping in July. We loaded up on two pocket folders, large glue sticks, number 2 pencils and composition books.

A week later, because I can only handle so much shopping at a time, we did a bit of clothes shopping. I swear she dresses better than I do. Maybe I need to find silver sparkle shoes and cropped jeans. Can’t all looks be shared across a 30+ year age gap?

She was up at 5 am, prowling the house, dying for her first trip to school on a bus. I struggled to wake with my alarm at 6 am. I served up cinnamon rolls, which she ate distractedly, one eye on the clock the entire time.

I finally allowed her outside at 7:30 on the condition that it was to pose for pictures. We were NOT going to the bus stop this early.

Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 01 Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 02 Her little sister packed her own lunch box and carried it all morning. She didn’t want her to go to school. Not without her, at least.

Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 03 Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 04 When I could no longer stand the begging and pleading to head to the bus stop because “We are going to MISS THE BUS!” we walked on over. And waited. And waited. She finally sat down. And we waited.

Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 05 Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 06 Daddy was able to be part of the First Day send off, but his larger job was consoling the little one who I believe was hatching a plan to dash onto the bus with her sister. I could see the wheels turning…

Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 07 Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 08 Finally, the bus arrived. The bus arrived! After a 30 minute wait at the bus stop because “We will MISS THE BUS!,” the bus appeared. After a quick hug and not a single glance back, she lined up and climbed those huge steps as though she has been doing this forever. And she marched right to the back. Where the “cool kids” used to hang out. The big kids. The not-me kind of kids. But there she was. Waving from the third to last window as the bus departed.

Back to School Julie Rivera Photography 09

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  • Akka

    Thanks for the chronicle of her first day of second grade and the amusing recount of the morning. Hope the day went well. Bet she already has some good friends.ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness, Julie! She is all kinds of adorable–and confident! Second grade was my most favorite year of elementary school. I loved my teacher so much! I hope she has a wonderful year in second grade!ReplyCancel

  • I have several very shy and hesitant ones. The very prospect of a first day, much less a first trip riding the school bus, would be one of worries, fears, talks, and planning. I have one or two others who would be this same girl of yours — hopping eagerly on the bus, sure goodness would be ahead, no second thoughts about who they’d sit by, how they’d get from the bus to their classroom, etc. Funny though how my little heart sort of breaks a tiny bit at either type of parting — the hesitant and scared, or bold and confident. Either way . . . just my little souls heading off to meet the world.ReplyCancel

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